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Bad Credit MD is a free advocacy resource for consumers experiencing credit problems. We are staffed with a team of professionals with backgrounds in credit and finances. Bad Credit MD hopes to educate the general public and empower them to take control of their finances.

We believe all consumers need a better understanding of bad credit. A lot of people think they know. Yet, statistics show most consumers have their FICO scores and creditworthiness in jeopardy multiple times over their lifetimes.

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Why do we constantly end up on the wrong side of the credit line?

We don't consider risks when we spend beyond our means. We don't concern ourselves with the long term effects of bad credit. Bad Credit MD doesn't want to just help consumers that have bad credit. We'd like to get to consumers before they find themselves in that situation. Bad credit has a dynamic and negative effect on many areas of daily life. With effective preparation, no one would ever need to duck creditors or lack necessary financing. Bad Credit MD will show you the tools for prevention as well as the means for improving credit scores.

Bad Credit MD believes education and advisement are principal areas that the average consumer hasn't taken advantage of. With the right information and a little due diligence, we could all avoid being in debt no matter how bad our financial situations.


Bad Credit MD is ready to provide consumers with a number of financial support services On-line. While we believe consumers are familiar with them, they may not have a robust comprehension of how to utilize them to avoid putting themselves in financial jeopardy. Bad Credit MD hopes to be the resource - a free resource! - for these matters.

Bad Checking
Banks usually don't take a consumer's credit history into consideration when offering a checking or savings account, but a poor Chexsystem report can get you turned down for one. Not having a checking account can be detrimental to everything from paying bills to getting a job. Bad Credit MD is ready to help you find non-Chexsystem institutions so that none of that ever happens.

Bad Check Laws
Intentionally writing a bad check is against the law. Letting one bounce for any number of reasons puts you in a bad position. Bad Credit MD wants to educate consumers to prevent bounced checks and overdraft fees and teach all consumers about fraudulent checks and withdrawals.

Unsecured Personal Loans
An unsecured loan is readily available to anyone with an exemplary credit history and rating. It's going to be a task if you're not in that category. But it doesn't mean you won't need one for a good reason. Bad Credit MD will help you find the resources that are most likely to accommodate your needs and how you can use that loan to rebuild your credit.

Prepaid Credit Cards
Prepaid cards won't improve credit scores. They do offer the freedom that comes with having one. You are also eligible for the type of rewards and incentives that are offered by regular credit companies. In the meantime, you can rebuild your creditworthiness through traditional channels.

Secured Credit Cards
This is one of the best financial instruments for rebuilding credit. Establishing a credit relationship and maintaining it responsibly can help push your credit score way up, slowly rebuilding your creditworthiness. With a savings account as collateral, employ a secured credit card the same way you use any other. Bad Credit MD will show you how to get one and where.

Unsecured Credit Cards
While these are probably THE best way to repair credit, it's a silly Catch-22 situation. You need credit to build credit but no one will give you credit if you don't have good credit. It can seem an impossible alternative. Bad Credit MD can show you the direction to take to ensure the future will be brighter for acquiring credit cards.

Bad Credit MD wants to help consumers maintain or improve their lifestyles. A poor credit rating can prevent you from getting a needed line of credit, a mortgage or car loan. This will prevent home improvements and having a family vehicle. We'll show you the best way to fix that situation. We can also help you with independent loan financing options.

Creditor Harassment
This comes with the bad credit territory. A lot of consumers don't know there are guidelines in place that debt collectors have to follow when contacting consumers, regardless of the debt or circumstances. Bad Credit MD is familiar with these guidelines and ready to educate you.

Repairing Bad Credit
Repairing bad credit is a slow process. It's going to require perseverance and due diligence, but it can be done. We can help you deal with collectors and gradually rebuild your all-important credit scores. Bad Credit MD offers the exact same service as a bad credit repair company for FREE.


Bad Credit MD is global. We can help consumers in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, India and the United Kingdom. From common concerns to the restoration of your credit, we are the resource for showing consumers the best ways to deal with credit issues.

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