Prepaid Credit Cards For Bad Credit


Many of us, today, suffer from less-than-perfect credit scores. With the unstable and unpredictable economy and the cost of goods on the rise, many people are struggling to make ends meet. This has left many in debt, barely able to keep their proverbial heads afloat, all the while, their credit score suffers. Today, one's credit score is incredibly important. One's credit score determines whether one qualifies for a mortgage, a car loan, or even for a job.

Prepaid Credit Card

Many people with bad credit are looking for ways to improve their credit score. The obvious choice, the easiest choice, is to obtain a credit card and use that as a means of rebuilding one's credit. However, many with bad credit do not qualify for traditional credit cards.

However, prepaid credit cards are an excellent option for those with bad credit who are looking to take advantage of rewards programs as well as get the freedom of payment credit cards allow for. Prepaid credit cards work similar to a traditional credit card, except one's limit is determined by the amount of money you have put on the card.

Build Credit

Prepaid credit cards will not help to improve a credit score. However, secured credit cards are an excellent way for people with bad credit to begin to rebuild it. A secured credit card works in the exact same manner as a traditional credit card in terms of how it is used and what types of purchases you can make with it. The credit limit of a secured card is determined on the amount of the security deposit. Each month of having a secured card, your activity is reported to the three major credit scoring companies. This will help to improve your credit score as it shows that you obtained credit and are maintaining a credit account. This is one of the biggest measures that determines a credit score to begin with.

Get Rewards

Many like credit cards due to the perks and rewards of membership one gets. Many cards provide cash back bonuses, points that can be used for certain products or services and even things like airline miles or points towards free hotel accommodations. Many prepaid credit cards now also offer associated rewards programs that allow members to take advantage of those perks and benefits, even though they do not have a traditional line of credit. Not only can you prepaid credit card without a credit check, you can also get more out of the money you spend by choosing a prepaid credit card that offers the rewards program that works best or is most attractive for your lifestyle or needs.

Freedom of Payment

Prepaid cards are accepted everywhere and allow for easy, convenient purchasing power pretty much wherever you go - even outside of the country. More and more people are enjoying the convenience and cost savings of shopping online and many use their credit cards for said purchases. With a prepaid credit card, you get the same freedom of payment, the same rewards and benefits, as someone with a traditional line of credit.

There are a number of different companies that provide different types of prepaid credit cards. One can take advantage of getting more out of the money the spend by getting a card that offers rewards points for everyday spending. These cards provide for freedom of payment, but are also limited to the amount of funds put on the card, making getting into debt with the card impossible.

We have provided a list of financial institutions that will provide you with a prepaid Visa or MasterCard.

Wired Plastic Prepaid Visa
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A prepaid Visa credit card by Wired Plastic.

While other cards charge to check your balance, Wired Plastic provides FREE wireless alerts, 24-7 toll-free and online account access. Transfer money from your PayPal account to your Wired Plastic Card account for free. Send an ACH Transfer from any participating bank or financial institution. Have your paychecks directly deposited into your card account for free. Add cash instantly at over 100,000 retail stores including Western Union® Agent locations. Wired Plastic has a onetime Activation Fee of $9.95 and a Monthly Fee of $5.95.
Rating: 4.5

BuyRight MasterCard
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A prepaid MasterCard credit card by BuyRight MasterCard.

Have your paycheck, commissions, disability or government checks (Social Security, Medicare, Welfare etc.) automatically deposited to your BuyRIGHT Prepaid Card at no cost. MoneyPak is a fast and convenient way to reload your BuyRight Card with Cash. Find MoneyPak at retailers nationwide including Walmart, CVS/Pharmacy, Kmart, RiteAid, 7-Eleven, Walgreens. Add cash to your BuyRIGHT Prepaid Card at one of over 50,000 Western Union agent locations. Send a Federal Reserve Wire Transfer from any bank or financial institution for a $9.95 fee. Add cash to your BuyRIGHT Prepaid Card at one of over 20,000 MoneyGram agent locations including Wal-Mart. BuyRIGHT Prepaid MasterCard is accepted at millions of merchant locations, online and at over 900,000 ATM's worldwide. This card is issued by MetaBank pursuant to license by MasterCard International Incorporated.
Rating: 4.5

Green Dot Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard or Visa
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A prepaid Reloadable MasterCard or Visa credit card by Green Dot.

Your money is protected if the card is lost or stolen. No credit check. No bank account required. It's a Debit MasterCard® or Visa® debit card personalized with your name. No Overdraft Fees. No penalty charges and no minimum balance. Purchase Price is up to $4.95 ($6.95 for the NASCAR® Prepaid Visa Card). Monthly Charge is $5.95 per month or pay no monthly charge in any month that you have at least 30 purchases post to your Card or load $1,000. No fee cash withdrawals at thousands of participating MoneyPass® ATMs nationwide or $2.50 at non-MoneyPass ATMs, plus any fee the ATM owner may charge. Green Dot products are available at over 60,000 retailers nationwide and can be reloaded by buying a MoneyPak® or Cash Reload from the prepaid section at a participating retailer (A service fee of up to $4.95 will apply).
Rating: 4.5

Netspend Prepaid MasterCard or Visa
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A prepaid MasterCard or Visa credit card by Netspend. Apply Here

Get a prepaid Visa® or prepaid MasterCard® with no credit check. Reload Netspend Prepaid Debit Cards at participating Grocery stores, Gas Stations, Check-cashing stores, MoneyGram® agents, and Western Union® agents. Load fees vary from zero to $3.95. NetSpend Prepaid Cards feature free Direct Deposit; 24/7 account access via online, phone or text message; and bill pay services.
Rating: 4.5

Western Union Prepaid MasterCard
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A prepaid MasterCard credit card by Western Union.

No monthly maintenance fees. No purchase transaction fees. No late payment fees. No checking account or credit check required. FREE to activate your card online. FREE payroll direct deposit. Receive a Western Union® Money Transfer® transaction onto your card. Add money at over 46,000 participating Agent locations. Protected by MasterCard's Zero Liability Policy. Use anywhere Debit MasterCard® is accepted, including online and at ATMs. Manage your account online or over the phone. SMS text alerts to track your balance. Earn rewards on every qualifying Western Union® transaction — even when you load cash to your card.
Rating: 4.5